Achieve goals, week by week

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Want to Take Better Notes?

Want to Take Better Notes? Ditch the Laptop for a Pen and Paper, Says Science New research might have you reconsidering that old school pen and paper if you want to remember more of your notes. By James Sudakow James Sudakow is the author of Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit…and Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the …

handwriting helps you win, week over week

Download and print the WEEKSHEET. Spend 15 minutes every Friday afternoon to look back at your week. Monday morning take another 15 minutes to start a clean WEEKSHEET. Write down your key goals, yes with a pen and by hand. And track your progress every day. Handwriting has a proven powerful effect on your brain. This …


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WEEKSHEET is not an agenda

WEEKSHEET is a way to achieve your goals. It is not an alternative to your agenda, nor a to-do list. Every Friday close your week by preparing your next week's WEEKSHEET. We encourage writing the WEEKSHEET by hand, this way you force yourself to review the key goals every week. Copy-pasting results in complacency. Stay …