Forbes: Stop Thinking In Tasks And To-Dos. Start Thinking In Outcomes

This Forbes article supports the use of – writing down your top 3 goals using handwriting.

Using the you start your workweek writing down your key goals, and desired achievements. “I believe in mental programming, writing down your key objectives on a weekly basis helps you stay primed towards the things that matter most. Everyone has an overful agenda, only those able to link their effort and time spent to their goals win.” Joost d’Hooghe – Global Business Director at DSM and partner of the F1N1SH network.

Write outcomes, not to-dos

That’s not to say you should trash your to-do list. To-do lists are a time-honored tool for getting things done. Richard Branson swears by his. Warren Buffett whittles goals down to a manageable list of two and scraps the rest. Jamie Dimon writes to-dos on index cards he keeps in his pockets. Marc Andreessen writes his to-dos in reverse, recording the things he gets done on an anti-to-do list.”

“There’s no shortage of research and scholarship on the importance of goal clarity for any organizational effort. Thinking in outcomes can help an organization to focus and clarify its mission by forcing it to clearly state and communicate its goals — particularly to the people within the organization.”

Write it down. After stating our desired outcome at the outset, we write it down. Whether it’s our overall company goal, a quarterly target, or even the result of a single meeting, we clearly articulate and record the end state we want to reach.”

Read the full Forbes article by clicking here.

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